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Yoga could become a daily discipline. Seated outdoors on a blanket crossing his legs, resting his arms on his knees, sticking his fingers inward and index, leaving the others spread, he fixed his gaze on a focal point, raised his back and allowing his breath to flow easily , this will help you think clearly and start practicing yoga meditation.
This discipline of India, is based on the personal search of the internal development in couinion with the wisdom present in nature. It has always been in the heart of the human being.
For the execution of this type of meditation, it is only necessary to have the desire to change, the lifestyle, the daily philosophy, the vision of the universe without limitation by the heat of the rudimentary, ages or sex.
To begin, it starts with Hatha Yoga (physical), through this exercise you will learn to recognize the pains and eliminate them, in this way you will not have obstacles for the development of the next levels like Ingana Yoga (knowledge) and Tantra Yoga (energias ).
These techniques will improve health over the nervous system. bone, endocrine, joints, heart rate to generate a beneficial state in the healing of ailments

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