[INFOGRAPHIC] FAIREUM - Once Fair, Always Fair.

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Faireum is a public blockchain which focuses on the problems of the online gambling industry and resolves them with a set of protocols that provides a decentralized, low-cost, transparent and secure gambling experience.

Both traditional and centralized gambling have shortcomings in terms of transparency, processing efficiency, security, reliability, privacy and anonymity.

Decentralized gambling can avoid these problems efficiently. but at present, the support from the popular public chain is limited and insufficient on the followings aspects, like processing efficiency, industry protocols, underlying capabilities, and RNG algorithms.

Moreover, There is no good solution for asset disposal, the volatility of chips during the gambling, as well as the exchange of various assets. Faireum combines the security and transparency, distinctive features of the public chain, and incorporates many original features such as diverse protocols, native capabilities, multiple algorithms, cross-chain asset swap, and capacity of parallel business expansion.

We endeavor to build a public-chain ecosystem based on protocols of the gambling industry, to be safe and fair, efficient in processing, stable of chip value and to support a variety industry models accompanied with a capability of real-time exchange of various assets. Faireum public chain ecosystem is 100% contribute to the gambling industry.

source: https://faireum.io/

Problems in the Gambling Industry and Solution


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