The 3 Beautifull Beaches of the World

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In the world there are many types of beaches and coasts that are considered islands because they have a different water color tone and makes the beach look good, giving it a tropical aspect and good appearance  why I leave the best beaches at my discretion .

-Tourtuga Venezuela 

La Tortuga Island belongs to Venezuela, being included within the Venezuelan Federal Dependencies in general it is a very beautiful private island where few can go high security and good place to fish is so called because of its great entrance of turtles that do not live there 

- White tip venezuela margarita island africa


It is located in the quiet beaches of white sand, in the Island of Coche, in an area of

40,000 meters If the option you are looking for does not find it when making your reservation with the system of immediate reservations, do not hesitate to ask for the advice of a agent: we will gladly assist you AND THE TRUTH IS THAT IT IS VERY PRIVATE AS THE ENTRANCE TO THE HOTEL IS ONLY BY THE HOTE

-Holbox Mexico 

 Holbox has become a tourist destination, particularly in adventure tourism and relaxation. One of the main activities of the inhabitants of this island, is the lobster fishing, governed by the closed season; in the local restaurants you can taste lobster-based dishes (including lobster pizza) which means that the country is concerned that this island is very well maintained and that it produces a ticket

in general this type is made in my opinion and the truth is that they are welcome because if you vote for me I will vote and if you follow me I follow them xd 

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All three looking pretty good! But you can definitely find even better beaches out there (: