🐗5 rarest marine animals in the world🐗

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For anyone it is a secret that the marine life is a place widely divversa full of many species conosidas and desconosidad but few seen some of these few conosido so today I bring you a TOP 5 marine animals little conosidos for the human eye 

 1- The Yeti Crab 🦖

 The yeti crab, scientifically known as Kiwa hirsuta, is a decapod crustacean recently discovered in the South Pacific. The truth is interesting in worthy of being the protagonist of a horror movie or comica who knows if we see it in a disney movie. 

 2-   The dumbo🦖

 The Dumbo octopus, known scientifically as Grimpoteuthis, belongs to the genus of maricos or Cephalopods of the order of the Octopods. It is sometimes called "Pulpo Dumbo" because of the fins that it has, similar to ears, which are projected on its "head", looking like the flying ears of the Walt Disney elephant and the truth that is adorable in general I would like to have one 

3-  The marine pig🦖

 Investigating the depths of the sea always brings surprises, and the sea pig is king. All divers, whether bottle or tube, we have ever seen some animals elongated, plump, brown and quite ugly in areas of sand, commonly known as sea cucumbers or holothurias in general these are sea filters eat impurities dirt and eat crill but also very rare are not found in all parts of the world for its delicate fan 

 4. The Psychrolutes micropores 🦖


 Psychrolutes micropores also known as spot or drop fish or blobfish, is a fish of the Psychrolutidae family that lives in the waters of New Zealand and eastern Australia the truth that this weight to prominence in animated series for children like Sami the turtle and among others but in general this pes is terrifying in real life friends 

5-  The Chauliodus🦖


 Last but not least Chauliodus is the name of a genus of abyssal fish belonging to the Stomiidae family that reach sizes between 30 and 60 cm in length. This species has two jaws and two sets of teeth to which a bite is lost. total of the finger or some extremity 


Well this is a list to my liking people if the taste would gradate that they bounce and comment if they have a tip or if they want to make a second part but with more terrifying animals xd xd follow me that I follow 

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