Why Men Stay Cheating While Having a Perfect Partner? Apparently It's The Reason

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Most people think after getting the perfect partner they will not cheat. But the fact is, there are still some men who remain cheating even though his partner is perfectly physically.

The nature of human dissatisfaction will continue to stick in the self so that an affair is still happening even though the life they live look so harmonious.

All the questions appear to respond to the behavior of a cheating man like, "but his wife really pretty you know?" or "whereas they are harmonious and very compact you know
As quoted from page liputan6.com (25/10/2016) here is a theory that explains why a man still cheats despite having a perfect wife:

  1. Men in power have a greater chance to cheat despite having a perfect wife.

  2. Men who love to spread the charm to the women.

  3. Have a beautiful wife but not faithful can make men cheating.

  4. The man is unfaithful to the couple allowing him an affair.

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