Benefits of Betel Leaf For Feminine As Well As The Way Of Processing

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The benefits of betel leaf has long been used as a traditional medicine. Start for health, disease treatment to beauty. Even in addition to that, betel leaf is also known to have tremendous benefits for femininity also you know. Then, what are the benefits of betel leaf for femininity? Ubtuk find out more information, bamari we discuss together in the following brief review.


Betel leaf that has a latin name piper betle is a native Indonesian plant that grows by propagating or leaning on other tree trunks. In general, this tanman propagates to a height of 15 meters. The trunk is brownish-green, rounded in shape, swollen and as a means of root exit.

While the leaves are heart-shaped and single. On the surface of the tip leaf tip, grows alternately, has a stalk, with a leaf length of approximately 5-8 cm and 2-5 cm wide. At the time squeezed leaves will emit a distinctive odor. While the flowers such as grains, meajemuk and in accompanied by 2 protective leaves approximately 1 mm long and round shape.


Indeed, betel leaf itself is divided into 3 types, including green leaf sirih, red betel leaf and also black betel leaf. All three have the same benefits and benefits as well. For the health of betel leaf itself is known to be able to eliminate bad breath, memgobati nosebleeds, treat canker sores, treat cough, healthy teeth, sinusitis until alternative cancer and tumor treatment.

And like our promise at the beginning, on this occasion, we will specifically describe at length about the efficacy of green betel leaves to overcome the problem of womanhood. Because in itself is known to contain some content of compounds that can mendukuing women's health. Among essential oils are composed of betlephenol, eugenol and chavicol.

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