The Way to Divinity

in #infinity2 years ago (edited)

Let these words echo in your cosmic mind.


I am divine, beyond time, transcended.
I do not know death, for I have disappeared.
My love is my immortality, for my action is your action.
In the reverberation throughout eternity of the consequences of our action, we live forever.
Nothing is ever lost, nor can anything be forgotten by Time.
To live as if you have already died, you have merged with the great stream of flowing eternity.
Nowhere to be except where my perfect action leads me,
fearing no evil seeing no evil thinking no evil, annihilating evil.
Not knowing and looking for understanding to check my understanding, that is understanding.
Progress excelsior beyond the consequences of action in the stream of time.
Having swum ashore out of the progressing momentum of the river of time,
entering the center of what I am in the middle of the whirling whirlwind of the infinite Now,
the calm in the eye of the storm of the circumambulating currents of future and past I am not.
This is not fantasy, this is not a story. This is perception of immediate factness of what is.
What writes the story is unknown to me, I know myself only through what I have discovered I'm not.
Netti netti, not this, not that.
Existence runs itself.
I am this eternal existence, undulating on and off, alive and dead again and again and again.
It can't be any other way.
I exist for no implicit reason, for existence is reason enough for itself.
Realization of this is the basis of joy.
The center of my being is located as the Infinite.
That is the way to divinity, to understand my mortality within that Infinity.


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