Selamat datang! Welcome! has a lot of wiki pages in indonesian, thanks to the hard work of participant @blogiwank and now @zaimrofiqi

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Selamat datang! We are happy that, like Steem blockchain usage, continues growing globally so recently we have a lot of new wiki pages in indonesian language. If you're interested and are able to read in this language, check it when you wish:

From this welcome page you can access many other articles in indonesian. Almost all of these pages have been created or translated by @blogiwank since the beggining of the month and now with the help of @zaimdoriqi, who just start contributing yesterday. Both of them are first time collaborators that became our new July's participants. If you also write in indonesian and want to contribute, please feel free to translate, create and edit new wiki pages. We are facing again a shortage in reward pool but when following our proposed rules, doing that you can too have the right to share the STEEM sum collected here this month.

Thanks a lot, terima kasih banyak!

We had more new international contribution this month, new and returning participants have been updating and creating several wiki pages in portuguese language. Thanks, muito obrigado! Recurrent contributors @aiyumi, @casagrande, @leodelara, @tmarisco, @joaoprobst, @wiseagent, @leticiachiantia, @wagnertamanaha and new ones @renanjark, @viniciusan and @pedrocanella. Welcome, bem-vindos, obrigado and thanks again! Plus many new and updated wiki pages in galician by @freyman, spanish by @ubikalo and viatnamese by @carlpei. Thanks to all international collaborators, you can see the list of the english and international languages wiki articles in the Recent Changes page.

Until now all the international contributors form the group of 16 participants with the right to receive a share of the STEEM collected here in July.

Thanks to all project's participants, followers and supporters, let's continue collaborating to transform in the wiki about all steem related things!

Project's Balance

Now our wallet has the tiny amount of 10.027 STEEM, according our rules, 60% of all STEEM collected in July - 6.016 STEEM - would be shared among this month's participants. Check our project's rules and join us if you're interested. Or just upvote and resteem this post to increase the rewards and support new participants if you think it is useful. We hope that as we did last week, part of all STEEM collected this month would be shared among the participants in July again.

Join the project?

Again we are in a period with low value rewards and a dry reward pool. If even with this shortage you want to join our monthly distributions and earn a share of the STEEM collected by this account, check our rules and join us if you wish. This year we are celebrating our first anniversary of the project, our target is to continue making in the wiki of all things Steem. Follow us, register in with your Steemit username, then just start collaborating in the wiki!

You can find suggestions of new pages in Articles for Creation and use the sandbox page to play wiki editions for free. We also suggested some loosely guidelines and you can ask for help in #wiki channel.

To support the project with donations, just transfer any STEEM/SBD value or STEEM Power delegation (check in the rules our upvotes routine) to @steemcenterwiki. Or follow us, upvote, reply or resteem this post.

Image credits: pictures available under creative commons license on Flickr by John Y. Can, pratiproy and Gabriel ^(oo)^, animated gif and illustrations by @wagnertamanaha. : About | STEEM Rewards | Rules

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Always ready to help...
Hope Steemit will be better and better in the long run...


Thank you very much for collaborating! Thanks, terima kasih and good luck again!!

Thank you @steemcenterwiki. I hope this project will grow bigger than now. 👍🏾


You are welcome! Thanks and good luck again!!