Blog Gila 2 - Crazy Blog 2 (30 days of Indonesian - Day 8)

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Saya sangat sibuk. Saya membuat Hive Cross Culture(language and culture exchange). ini menarik. Kami berbicara tentang budaya. Kami menemukan teman Naru. Saya belajar bahasa Indonesia.

Hari ini saya membuat blog gila!



Ini pacarku. Semua orang pikir dia sangat cantik. Tapi saya pikir dia sangat biasa. Biru Dan hijau cantik? Saya pikir biru Dan hijau sangat jelek. dia suka musik tua. Musik tua membosankan! Dia suka warna terang Dan Tempat Kasual Dan murah. Saya benci warna delak dan tempat mahal. Saya suka bising. Dia suka tenang. Dia membosankan!

Dia kaya. Dia membeli saya banyak makanan. Saya lemak. Saya sangat lemak. Dia tidak buruk. Tapi sangat membosankan!

Tapi dia saudara...


Dia saudara sempura! Dia sedikit sedih karena dia miskin peri saya kaya! Saya mau membuat dia senang! Dia sangat cantik! Sempura!

Dia punya sedikit rambut. Kamu menurut dia cantik? dia burung tapi dia botak. mengapa dia botak? Saya tidak tahu. Tapi ini sempura! Saya suka burung botak. Saya juga botak.

Dia sedikit sulit, karena dia gila, tapi, saya suka.

Saya suka selama-lamanya!

What was that!?

If you non Indonesian speakers will kindly check a translator, you’ll wonder if my goal is to learn Indonesian or to scare Indonesian people. I hope I don’t scare or anger anyone, but this is seriously the quickest way for me to learn vocabulary. I make vocabulary lists and review them and then I make ridiculous stories and statements with them. I call it a Crazy Blog.

I’m working hard to learn my adjectives! Once I feel comfortable with them I’m moving on to a big list of verbs.

I had skipped 2-3 days of blogging in Indonesian but I was studying with duolingo every day. I find duolingo to be the perfect study supplement. On its own it leaves a lot of holes but if you search for some grammar explanation and make your own sentences too, it’s really perfect.

I’ve been really busy with this community, trying to build it up but a lot of smart and talented people have reached out and things seem to be moving! We’ve changed the Language Exchange community to Hive Cross Culture. We talk about any cultural topics, study languages and create bridges between different local communities and users. If you are interested, please check out the link I left at the top of the post.

Oh, and Please let me know what you think of my girlfriend and her sister. 🙃