Sunday, It's Time to Play

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Today is sunday so i with my little girl come out to Bireuen. As i live in a small town so we don't have a big play ground for children just a small place with several kind of playing. Usually i come here together with my brother and his son but today they are heading to the beach and my girl want to come here.


There is a baloon house here for kids to play my daughter love this place to jump with other place but i can't let her play without my attention to keep her save.


A small pool with plastic fish for fishing. My daughter try this sometimes.


ball pool, we call this place MANDI BOLA mean bath with ball. Usually this place for kids with 3 years old.


If your kid love to drawing and painting this one is suit him/her. My daughter loves this one too. She usually paint a flower. If you leave around Bireuen town and you have kid, you can try this place sometime to have fun. Eventhough you are a busy man don't forget to spent time with your kids. It's important to help your kids growing well.



Posts melalui akun media sosial pribadi anda untuk mendapatkan dukungan dari tags actnearn jika layak untuk di pilih. oke thanks

Saya akan mendukung postingan yg di melalui akun media sosial twitter atau intalgram .begitu konsep untuk postingan di platform actnearn

saya sudah post melalui twitter tapi tidak bisa

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Memang payah. mungkin jaringan blockchain pada platform share2steem sesekali Erol.

Pake Dlike saja bang, tautkan alamat (salin tautan) post dari twitter melalui

login mudah, pakek steemconnect. Selamat mencoba.

ok. terima kasih

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