[ Steemian Dare to Tell the Truth #8] The Story of The Honest Shepherd

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[ Steemian Dare to Tell the Truth #8] The Story of The Honest Shepherd

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Dear Steemian...
Good morning steemian friend, wherever you are hopefully always in good health, health is a very valuable thing for the steemian, otherwise it is very difficult for steemans to be creative in steemit. thank God for those of us who are still given health and hopefully always in the protection of Allah SWT. Aminn ...

In today's difficult to find people who have honest nature. Although there is, only one in a thousand people who are honest.

In the time of the Prophet himself, only a handful of people were honest. Yet honestly opened the door of abundant sustenance.

Like the story of Abdullah bin Masud a person who has an honest nature. Abdullah bin Masud was a goat herd. He shepherds goats belonging to a high-ranking Quraish Uqbah bin Abi Muaith. From morning till afternoon she shepherded.

One day while looking after his cattle, two middle-aged men approached him. Both men looked thirsty and exhausted. They then greeted Abdullah ibn Masud and asked him to milk the goat milk.

However, Abdullah bin Masud refused to give the milk because it was not his. "These goats are not mine, I just keep them," he said honestly.

Hearing the answer, the two men did not give a rebuttal. Though very thirsty, they are very happy with the honest answer of the shepherd. This excitement is very visible on their faces.

Apparently the two men were the Prophet Muhammad and his companion Abu Bakr Ash Shiddiq. That day, both went to the Mecca mountains to avoid the cruel treatment of the Quraysh.

"Do you have a female goat that has not been mated ?," asked the Messenger of Allah. "There is," Abdullah replied.

Then Abdullah invited the Messenger of Allah and his friend to see a young female goat. Then, the goat's feet were tied up. The Messenger of Allah took his hand to the body of the goat while praying to God.

That's when it comes down to God's sustenance. Suddenly the goat's milk flowed so much. Abu Bakr immediately took a sunken stone that was used to collect milk from the milk.

All three drink it together. After that, the Messenger of Allah said "deflated..!" Instantly goat's milk became deflated and did not remove milk anymore.

Abdullah was amazed and surprised to see that. Because the goat had never previously issued milk. But in front of his eyes at that time the goat instead issued a lot of milk and enjoyed together.

It is the gift of God. Abdullah admires his guests. Shortly after that event, Abdullah embraced Islam and later became one of the best Qur'an memorizers.


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No worry none of us is [email protected] Honesty is a must and comes seldom among people. Your story caught my eye. You will get further in life with the truth.


thanks, really the goodness belongs to an honest person

That's why please be honest person 😊 @teukumuhas


sippp i will be honest :)