Why am I so excited about helping this amazing archipelago 🇮🇩 with my film skills?

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This is the 1st edit of a film I have wanted to make for over a year.

Shot just yesterday!

I can see now with clarity how solar products (specifically Sundaya with their practical designs & low cost) would dramatically change the lives of so many people here in Indonesia if they only knew they existed ...and could afford to buy them.

You can also watch the film on DTube here

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Assisting the Archipelago

An archipelago is a country made up of lots of islands. There are so many islands here in Indonesia I cannot even find an exact number!

  • 18,307 - National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN)

  • 17,508 - CIA World Factbook

  • 17,504 - Indonesian Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs

  • 16,056 - United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names

All info above taken from wiki

This is a drone shot I took in North Maluku earlier this year and you can see exactly why it is so hard to count what is an island and what is not.

Energy supply

It is very difficult to efficiently supply an archipelago with energy. Most people use kerosene lamps and diesel generators.

snap (8).jpg

But the long term cost of this is high. Not so much because of the fuel but the energy required to get it.

And then of course there are the health implications of living in homes with kerosene lamps and the general unpleasantness of a noisy generator running ever night.

Solar is the answer!

I have been working hard along with Sundaya to educate people here about solar and many of you will already know that with the help of Steemit and the @charitysteemit account we were able to raise a bunch of money for the volcano evacuees of Bali to buy them Sundaya kits.

If you've not already seen it, here is the film I made to show you how your Steem was spent:

Whilst this is an amazing achievement it is not enough!

There are so many more people here still in need of education.

The internet education

These days even the poorest people here have phones, generally with access to the internet. This is their portal to the world outside their island and for many it is their main source of education.

It is therefore my hope that once this film is finished and pushed out through the right channels, many people will see it on their phones and their minds will be opened for the first time to the possibility of solar power. For just a small investment they will be able to change their lives completely with a product guaranteed for over 25 years.

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 13.55.01.png

Never again will they have to travel miles to collect their diesel or choke at night on the fumes of kerosene.

Just think of the money, time & stress they will save in the long term!

Not to mention the health & environmental factors.

This is my original Ulitium time-lapse

It shows in just a few seconds exactly how the product works

Ingenious payment system

Sundaya have created a battery which is activated by touching it with a card. I don't have any images to show you yet, so I've created something here to give you an idea of how it could look.

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 22.26.16.png

The cards can be topped up at shops or through a Sundaya salesman who travels on a regular basis to remote regions, giving people the ability to top up their cards without even having to leave their homes.

Now the product itself is free

And this is HUGE!

If they are paying the same amount to top up their card as they were already paying for diesel or kerosene (and the journey to get it) then it is logical that they would accept the solar kit and pay for it in instalments.

When the instalments are all paid they will own the product.

I love the way this company thinks!

And that is why I am so excited about helping them with my film skills.

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 23.29.39.png

Those of you who took the time to watch the freshly made commercial at the top of this post...

I would really appreciate some feedback. This is the 1st edit and I've not even shown it to the boss yet!

  • What do you think about the music?

  • Do you think the visual aesthetic works?

  • Do you think it needs more sound effects?


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Who is @samstonehill?

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You did a great job, Sam. I watched both clips twice.

One - The music was spot on perfect again, just the right cadence to build excitement for the product/brand

Two - I loved the way you set up the juxtaposition of the light with the kerosene lamp on the fishing boat, sort of like "out with the old, in with the new." having the Fisherman turn it on at the end of the shot was brilliant as you could clearly see that bulb output was superior in every way.

Showing the cart seller using the light to conduct business at night was a smart way of letting small business owners see the utility of its use and its ability to help increase sales.

Three - I didn't miss any sound effects, I felt the product itself was a "special effect" all on its own. I'm blown away at how bright the light bulb is. Puerto Rico could use a ton of these after the Hurricane where many people still have no power.

I like what you did with the second video as well. Who knew you were the Casey Neistat of Steemit! Excellent work.

Congrats Sam, you did a great job! :)

I actually have little tears in this moment. The Casey comment got me. Obviously it's just my ego taking me for a lovely ride, but this comparison (despite my many reservations about him!) moves me deeply. Particularly because I spent two years vlogging on YouTube believing this to be my answer to financing an endless journey around the world... all the time watching his stuff and imagining what a pleasure it must be to live the way he does. Anyway.... thanks for that :)

And thanks too for being the only person to give me some feedback on the film I made yesterday. I hope the boss is as positive as you. I really want her to love it, but she it is tough lady to please!

Have sent it to her now... awaiting response ;)

Wow...this is a amazing project best of luck for more.
Little support from me
Vpvoted and resteemed.

Thanks very much :) Appreciate the support

Great project bro. I am happy with this

Hi! I am Shahin. in bangladesh. I just upvoted you! if you like what i do...follow me and vote my post also...

thanks for the vote my friend.

Keep doing the good work
nice project

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