The greatest legacy is advice

in #indonesia3 years ago

IMG_20180328_122201.JPGWhen us think about inheritance for our children and grandchildren, most of us will think about passing on our possessions or valuables. Anyone wants to leave an abundant heritage to the next generation. But there are actually things that are more important than the treasures to be passed on to our children and grandchildren.

One of the most priceless heritages is the freedom we enjoy today. This freedom is captured by the heroes of the nation with enormous sacrifices including possessions, blood and sweat droplets. It is thanks to the struggle of those selfless heroes that we can inherit independence and consume freedom as it is now.

Without freedom we will not be free to perform activities, opinion, creative, have a decent living opportunity and so forth. This freedom allows us all to do something inspirational and to make the future better. Therefore, take advantage of this opportunity by carrying out responsibilities with the best and honest, so avoid the various forms of colonial new model; such as cultural colonization or products from other countries that are not necessarily better than the property of the nation itself.

In addition to independence, there are several types of inheritance that is very important for posterity. One of the most important values ​​and lessons is life. A recent survey shows that the values ​​and belief systems inherited from parents are more important than money or other valuable assets.