True you are. 120 million died in wars.
Be ready for N.korean Nuke.

Everything about "Jas Merah"

War is not good for anyone.

I pray that N.Korea don't start WW3. Let's hope we have peace.

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I dont like war

really, i hate war, war has claimed my parents life during the 2001 conflict. at the moment i really hate and condemn war. the war has greatly disadvantaged the little people and benefited the political elite. but that's how the dynamics of the world revolves @rok-sivante

telah di upvote kak, terus berkarya dan terus sukses, semoga bermanfaat :D,,
jangan lupa upvote back ya , follback juga :D

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It crazy to think that all this killing is for nobody but the elitists. I choose to spread love and positivity, some might disagree , however; we all have the choice . Awesome share .

A good finish. Part one set the tone, part two brings about a message.

I believe that if each of us spend a little time, a few minutes, everyday reflecting upon our actions and our beliefs, we will have come a long way in building a better future and world for prosterity.

Keep writing! I'm following for quite some time now, but this has been the first time I read your posts. Cheers! :)

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