Lake Maninjau in West Sumatra Indonesia

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Lake Maninjau in West Sumatra Indonesia****

The Lake Maninjau area is indeed famous for its fish-producing places. Once upon a time this area experienced bad weather, so many fishermen were losing money. The total loss reached 50 tons or approximately 1.5 billion. Figures that are fantastic are not for a fish producer.

The lake that offers its beauty has a length of approximately 16 km and a width of 7 km. This lake has been named the eleven largest lake in Indonesia. This place is at an altitude of 465 masl and has a depth of approximately 165 meters. Deep enough right?

Where did Lake Maninjau come from? Well, the origin of this place comes from the eruption of Mount Sitinjau which happened around 52 thousand years ago. This volcanic eruption presents a new caldera namely Lake Maninjau. The eruption produced as many as 250 pyroclastic scattered here and there.

This lake is a source of water from a large river. The name of this river is Batang Sri Antokan, which is used up for the Maninjau Hydroelectric Power Plant. Well, another version of this attraction comes from a legend told by several people. Where there used to be a single story 9. It consists of 10 siblings consisting of 9 men and 1 woman.

One day a woman loved a man, except that her brothers did not approve of the relationship. But the woman continues the romance that has ingrained. Well, the nine brothers did not remain silent. They also slandered their relationship.

The residents were finally ignited by emotions and the words of the nine brothers. This resident finally dragged the two of them and plunged him into the lake. Before falling, this woman shouted. If they are guilty, nothing will happen. Conversely, if it is not guilty, Gunung Sitinjau will erupt.

Soon this mountain erupted violently. The nine brothers who have this evil heart are turned into fish and inhabit the Lake Maninjau area. That is the origin of him who came from the stories of the local people for generations.

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