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Unwanted Champion
The video was at the top of the timeline, when I just opened my account

'Start at Line 8, Finish Number One'.

M. Zohri is on line number 8. The tip, the right. As far as I know, in sprint sports, line 8 is not the favorite line of champions. In a way, that's the path for non-winning participants. The middle side is the trajectory of the champions favorite participants. Usain Bolt, Jamaica's fastest runner,

Thus, when the pistol's eruption rings the race mark, no one suspects that M. Zohri, darting on the far right side of the track. Ran parallel to the leading participants. Even the two commentators just mentioned the name of M. Zohri when all the participants almost touched the finish line.
Until ... As the finish line passed the sprinters with almost the same time, I heard one commentator say in a hesitant tone,
"I think Zohri takes the first place."
Muhammad Zohri won the 100 meters gold medal at the Junior World Championships held in Tampere, Finland.
Zohri made it to the finish line in 10.18 seconds (with a wind acceleration in the direction of a runner of 1.2 meters / sec).
All participants stared at the screen at the side of the stadium, waiting for the announcement. Their breath was panting. One or two seen holding the knee.

Until, about ten seconds later, the announcement screen put the name of M. Zohri at the top. Instantly M. Zohri ran with a smile. At one point, in the middle of that path he gave a prostration of gratitude. The journalist camera captured the moment that Zohri put his forehead on the ground. A very rare celebration seen in an athletic championship.
"Oh, surprise! Zohri is the new world champions. "The male commentator shouted excitedly.
Another commentator, woman, chimed no less enthusiasm,

"Incredible! He is start in line eight. "

The camera then shoots Anthony Schwartz and Eric Harrison. It is clear from the face of duo duo from Uncle Sam, that they can not believe this is happening. Top runners are defeated by runners on the far end. They shook their heads. Like a dream alone, do not think they are only able to occupy the second and third champions only.
Afterwards, Anthony Schwartz and Eric Harrison ran down the sidelines and picked up the US flag given by the crew, one each. Then they took pictures by spreading the flag. While the champion, M. Zohri, ran to the audience, clapping alone, he looked confused as he ran down the side of the field that I later found out that he was confused looking for a red and white flag to spread on his back. Nobody gave him the red and white saka. Until when reporters called him to take pictures with the second and third champions, M. Zohri did not hold the flag of his homeland. The sweet black boy finally took a picture in the middle. Without a flag. Flanked by two runners who unfurled the flag of the United States.
I do not know why there is no Indonesian flag prepared by the committee to celebrate M. Zohri's victory? But most likely, the committee did not expect that this championship will be won by Indonesian runners.

This is how it feels to be 'Unwanted Champion'.

After some time, finally M. Zohri get the red and white saka. Out of nowhere. Then with a happy face, M. Zohri ran back to the middle of the track and raised the flag high. No great applause he received from the audience. But the 18-year-old from Lombok, NTB, did not seem to care. Keep running around the Tampere stadium, Finland, while hoisting the Red and White.

"Ah, so curious as this one hero."
I immediately opened Google, entering the word 'M. Zohri Pelari 'in the search field. Click.

I could not help feeling when I found out that M. Zohri was an orphan. Her mother died when she was in elementary school, and her father passed away a year ago, just as she was doing a training camp to face one of the championships. With a heavy heart, M. Zohri permission to resign from the championship to see the body for the last time.
And immediately I was shocked to see M. Zohri's residence in Lombok. It was more a shack than a house. The floor is only ground, while the walls are made of woven bamboo. It appears that the wall is hollow here and there. Even on some sides the wall is covered with used newspapers.
The roof is a lot of holes. I can not imagine what if the heavy rain hit the house?
We will also be sad to see the bed. Just a cot with a mat, no soft mattress. If there are items that are considered luxurious, maybe just a doorless closet that is piled on the side of the house. Contains some of M. Zohri's clothes.
Really cause for concern.
There, at the Tampere stadium in Finland, M. Zohri ran with a puzzled look, searching for a red and white flag for him to fly high. Prove to the world, that this country exists. This country is worth taking into account.
zohri rumah.jpg
Zohri's Sister
There, with a young age, 18 years old, M. Zohri has been able to scent the name of the nation. It really makes the name of the nation in its true meaning.
rumah zohri1.jpg
While we are here, who was born much earlier than him, still busy toy , strange style while accompanied the song, Not Important for the new generation ... !!! "

Thank you M. Zohri. Your performance is like cold water, flowing, moistening the old throat in thirst. There is our prayer in every span of your run. So keep achieving. For us. For the sake of this beloved country.


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