the island of Aceh Singkil

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hello friend steem everything, this time i will share about the many islands in aceh indonesia.
Many islands are small islands off the west coast of North Sumatra. The magical part of the world that is still relatively unknown, and hence far from the few tourists who visit Sumatra to catch a glimpse of wild orangutans. Literally translating to "many islands", many islands consist of almost 100. Unfortunately some were claimed by the sea when the tsunami tore the region in 2004. Only three main islands were recognized on the map and nothing appeared when you searched the internet. This is one place we hear by word of mouth; Tourist myths that sound too good to be true. We have heard stories about uninhabited remote islands, one beach where turtles lay their eggs every night of the year, sea-blue seas and pristine coral reefs inhabited by dugongs and dolphins. We have to see it with our own eyes.
As an archipelago, many islands besides having a fairly wide sea and a very long and beautiful beach, Pulau Banyak beach is not inferior to other beaches in Indonesia. The softer white sand, the wave of shady coconut leaves further embellish the atmosphere of sightseeing with the natural scenery of tropical beaches. The beauty of the Sunset panorama is also an exciting spectacle.
the island's sea presents many natural landscapes. The uniqueness of the sea in the form of coral reefs with typical marine flora and fauna namely marine plants and reef fish of various colors and various sizes. Some tourism areas in this area are the beaches of the islands of tailana, Ragoago, sun, Pabisi and Sikandang. Most in this area are beautiful places with rocky beaches and clear water, so that the reefs that are more than 3 meters deep are clearly visible from the boat.

for those of you who like it, you may visit this island, because many islands are very beautiful and the sea water is clean and filled with very good white sand. for those of you who are busy at work or who are more stressful and filled with burden, you can come here during your holiday. This place is perfect for you and can make you comfortable and calm.
this is the information from me that is authentic and this is what I can say, apologize for all the shortcomings. Thank you to all of you.

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Its really beautiful view..

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