the benefits of bananas

in indonesia •  2 months ago

hello friend steem this time I will share the benefits of bananas, bananas are one of the foods that are almost consumed by the entire world community. Fruits that have a variety of these species are widespread throughout Indonesia and areas with evenly distributed rain throughout the year. Indonesia, the Pacific Islands, Central American countries, and Brazil are countries that are known as the main exporters of bananas.

Bananas have quite a lot of nutrients, one of which is providing high enough energy, which is about 136 calories every 100 grams. Banana energy value is twice that of apples that only contain 54 calories (every 100 grams).

Here are 10 benefits of bananas

1.Has high antioxidant content

2.Maintain a healthy digestive system

3.Helps to lose weight

4.Maintain heart health

5.Lower blood sugar levels

6.Helps improve insulin sensitivity

7.Improve kidney health

8.Prevent anemia

9.Control blood pressure

10.Improve brain function

this is the benefit of bananas, thank you all.

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