sate matang Bireuen aceh

in indonesia •  3 months ago

hello all steem friends, this time I will share about cooked satay.
Sate Matang

There will never be an end if you have a culinary tour in Aceh. Like Sate Matang, the more enchanting day it is to air to the remote parts of Aceh

Sate Matang is processed meat in the form of satay which was originally introduced in the town of Matang, which is surrounded by two Bireuen Regencies. Until now almost all regions in Aceh and North Sumatra peddled satay snacks labeled Sate Matang.
for you No need to worry, Sate Matang provides a choice of meat for visitors, available beef or mutton that will spoil your tongue. And as a complement, Ripe Satay is served with strong flavored broth / soup and peanut sauce from Aceh which is savory and delicious. the drawback, greetings from me orahmat thank you friend steemit. wasalam

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