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hello friend steem everyone, today i will share about onion / onion chips. image

Onion cakes are snacks originating from Bukittinggi, West Sumatra. However, now it can be found easily everywhere. In fact, on ordinary days even onion cakes can be found in cake shops or supermarkets. The taste is savory and crunchy texture makes the onion cake very preferred to accompany the time of gathering or relaxing.


This savory, crunchy snack is made from wheat flour, sago flour, and of course spices such as onion and garlic. In this crunchy snack, red onion and garlic are used as the main seasoning. The distinctive flavor combination of both types of onions is very dominant. That is why this cake is called onion cake.
*Onion cakes have several other names, such as onion chips or onion sticks. This is due to differences in the form of onion cakes, although in fact the taste is relatively the same. Onion chips are in the form of flat boxes, while onion sticks have a long round shape like sticks (derived from the word "stick" which means stick).

*Recipe for Making Onion Cake as a Food for Hari Raya.

To make the onion cake that you make crunchy and savory, do the tips below.

1.It is better not to use too much water. The amount of water used is sufficient and adjusted to the composition of other ingredients.

2.When stirring the mixture, you should do it until the mixture is not too soft and sticky again. Overly soft dough will make the dough difficult to grind and cut into pieces.

3.In addition, the dough that is too soft will also clot when fried. If you make large amounts of onion cakes, you should use a dough mixer. This tool will lighten and speed up the process of mixing the dough.

4.Frying onion cake dough can also not be done carelessly, but there are tricks and tips. Onion cake must be fried in a deep frying technique. That is, all parts of the onion cake must be submerged in oil and the oil is completely hot. So, use oil in large quantities. In this way, the onion cake is guaranteed to be crispy.

5.To fry a small amount of onion cake, the sunken pan (wok pan) commonly used for daily cooking is enough. But, if the fried onion cake is quite a lot, use a deep fryer. This frying pan, besides making it easy to fry and the results are good, also saves the use of cooking oil.

it's good that all the friends are the way, for those of you who like this cake, you can try it. this is the information from me, apologize for all the shortcomings.

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