Sunda Kelapa Harbor is a Destination Traveler Old City in Jakarta

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Jl.Maritim No.8 Sunda Kelapa
North Jakarta 14430

Open operational:24 hours
Price of admission:Rp2.500/ person

Historical tours are always curious. Especially if the destination is the Port of Sunda Kelapa, Jakarta.

For some people the Port of Sunda Kelapa interesting because this is where you can enjoy the atmosphere of the beach complete with a row of ancient ships that still dashing despite the age. Also typical port activities such as loading and unloading of goods, chatter of the crew or the workers of the Port of Sunda Kelapa passing by. But do you know if the Port of Sunda Kelapa also keeps a history story that we should make a self-reflection?


It is said that the Port of Sunda Kelapa has been established since the 5th century in the glory of Tarumanegara Kingdom. At that time the port which in this modern era become part of Kecamatan Penjaringan North Jakarta is still named Kalapa, travelers. Trus time the Kingdom of Tarumanegara collapsed due to attacks of the Kingdom of Sriwijaya, Sunda Kelapa Harbor became the kingdom of his successor, the Kingdom of Sunda.

In the 12th century Sunda Kelapa Harbor became a busy port and has been visited by traders from India, China, Japan and the Middle East. Pepper, coffee, silk, wine and horses are a bustling commodity traded in this port. During the occupation of the Port of Sunda Kelapa became the struggle between the Portuguese, the Dutch and the people of Demak-Cirebon.

The joint forces between the Demak-Cirebon Kingdom intend to expel the Portuguese who came to the Port of Sunda Kelapa at the invitation of the Sunda King. On 22 June 1527 Demak-Cirebon troops led by Fatahillah managed to expel the Portuguese. The victory was marked by changing the name of Sunda Kelapa to Jayakarta, a Sanskrit term meaning 'victory earned through effort or deed'.

But unfortunately Fatahillah not succeeded in maintaining the Port of Sunda Kelapa from VOC invasion. On May 30, 1819 Jayakarta was captured and destroyed by Jan Pieter Zoen Coen, who then built a new city on it named Batavia. The Netherlands controlled Batavia and the Port of Sunda Kelapa for 300 years until the Proclamation of Independence in 1945.


In the era of independence of Sunda Kelapa Port is no longer functioning as a big port like Tanjung Priok due to the siltation in the waters around the harbor. But the Port of Sunda Kelapa still not priceless as a witness of history must be preserved. In 1970 Sunda Kelapa Harbor officially became a historical and maritime tourism object under the management of Jakarta City Government. Sunda Kelapa Harbor is also still a berth for inter-island shipping.

The best activity at Sunda Kelapa Harbor is walking around the area around the harbor crowded with ancient buildings from the VOC occupation. These buildings are in good condition because they are regularly renovated. In the Port of Sunda Kelapa also stands the Maritime Museum that you must visit if you want to know more about Indonesia's maritime history.

If hungry you can stop by some fastfood restaurant or seafood restaurant that you can easily find around Sunda Kelapa Harbor. Do not rush home because the beauty of the new Port Sunda Kelapa will be visible in the afternoon, travelers.

Come closer to the jetty of Sunda Kelapa Harbor to observe the ancient ships and the calm sea water in the distance. Wait until the sun moves down and here you can see the beauty of the sunset twilight Sunda Kelapa Harbor is colorful with the faint seagulls flying occasionally. It's really good for berselfie!

The way to visit the Port of Sunda Kelapa is very easy for you who live in Jakarta because you live on the TransJakarta bus corridor I Blok M-Kota, then down in the City, travelers. Travel can you continue with a taxi or motorcycle taxi to the Port of Sunda Kelapa.

So the streets dong to Jakarta to enjoy the beauty of the Old City and the Port of Sunda Kelapa. If you are confused what to go to Jakarta, you contact Pegipegi now yuk. Later we will help you book a plane ticket as well as booking a comfortable hotel affordable around Jakarta.


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