Prevent Evil Deeds

in indonesia •  last year 

Good morning friend Steemit

A group of teenagers has been secured by the villagers of Cot Preh, Kuta Baro Sub-district, Aceh Besar District.


According to information from local residents, this group of teenagers has disturbed the villagers of Cot Preh, usually a group of teens are often wild races, sucking glue and drinking carbonated water mixed with pills that are believed to be intoxicating.


Then the local people handed over a group of teenagers to the police, before they go ahead later in order not to do more things that are not desirable, such as using drugs, theft and others.With the submission of a group of these teenagers to the police, so they can be guided so as not to repeat the negative things again. Preventing mischief is our mutual obligation.

Best Regards Steemit Indonesia

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