So here's my thoughts about the creative fields, especially around here, where I'm leaving.

in #indonesia6 years ago (edited)


Some people around me think that the creative process is just another simple thing, and I found that they put no respect on it, although it's your own friend, especially. Because they found that you just lucky enough or you just doing something doesn't really matter at all. It's happen almost all of the creative fields, wherever you're doin photographs, writing, or maybe like designing. And that's oftentimes happen to your own friends, for me doin this such a thing is not as easy as it look, it took a long road, a hardwork, you need to improve, to learn, and waste your time to figure it out what the hack is you're doin. SO the POINT is just put a little bit a respect on someone's works, or just appreciate them, don't put 'em down. Because you'll never know how they get into that level, how they achieve those products, those skill. Next time you meet someone with the will to make something creative, RESPECT them, APPRECIATE them, or even SUPPORT them. And finally you'll see, what they are capable of doing.

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