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Hi friends stemian ... how are you all of you .. Mak always messages, before maghrib behind the House ... Mak always disallow boy dah kahwin, wife contains or no children do not behind through the night, don't let the wife of living alone alone ... say husband / wife forced behind the night because work please read the 3 qul .. verse qursi and should take water prayer before go home ... because this was the one! there "guest" who reconnaissance US .... Cuba included in the home ... actually not guest, but this is the woman who likes to come to our House at the time maghrib. the time maghrib this anyone Cuba to stop by to our homes ..... who? why? maghrib is currently in which the Sun was sunk but still appear with light sometimes the Orange or Red light, at that time, all Muslims warned to be close the door and window while to say Bismillah order this woman not come to our House. who is the woman, what he did in our House? know that he is not a nice Lady, but is able to child endangerment and women pregnant. there may be ever heard name (ummu sibyan) or not this before, (ummu sibyan) this is Jin of women who like interfere with infants and children aged less than 2 years as well as a pregnant woman, because that's children newborn must diazankan first to baby it's not followed by Jin this. what work Jin ummu sibyan? work he is not the other was not is disturbing newborn baby and kids (usually less than 2 years) and women who pregnant, Jin ummu sibyan have the face of a terrible eye 1 large and running on the Wall as lizard, ummu sibyan can also be binding uterus women and kill baby still in the content. as in tell the story Jin ummu sibyan with the Prophet Solomon, Jin this is able to get into the uterus women and tie her womb as well as clog with the aim to women it does not contain. told also Jin this entry into the stomach women pregnant, at the time the fetus in its content growing Jin this will be kicking it, then berlakulah miscarriage and be her womb empty all. truly terrible not? how do we know if a baby exposed disorders Jin ummu sibyan, of which are: 1. baby cries melalak (his eyes wide-open looked up / angle) 2. children fall as if driven 3. delirium while menggemerutukkan teeth repeatedly 4. fever only after ASR up before dawn. due disorders above will result in things like this: 1. Sawan tears 2. autism (over hyperactive) 3. naughty and stubborn 4. lazy signs pregnant women exposed disorders Jin ummu sibyan: 1) a sense of chest tightness especially after time ASR, which may lasted until midnight 2) tangled mind 3) pain in a portion of bone-spinal 4) delirium when sleep 5) dream with a dream scary how to avoid of disorders ummu sibyan: 1) close the door and window home time maghrib 2) do not lift or enter your clothes are dried out home on the time maghrib (clothesline not dry) how to overcome the interference in infants / children: 1) prostrate babies / do not his eyes to see that direction, read verse qursi and chapter 3 qul then blow to the Crown-ubunnya until stopped cry 2) halau with its own language like "Oh ummu sibyan go you out of my House and do not disturb child my son" insyaallah with permission God, ummu sibyan will go ... be the share let me more useful for people, the Messenger of Allah s.a.w said: "whoever said one (1) science course and there are people who mengamalkannya, then although that convey gone (died), he will remain earn reward." (HR. Inter alia-Bukhari) Yes God ... ✔ honor people who read and share this status ✔ ringankanlah legs to go to the mosque ✔ lapangkanlah his heart ✔ bahagiakanlah family ✔ expand sustenance area of the Ocean ✔ make it easy all affairs ✔ grant his goal ✔ keep away from all the accident ✔ keep away from any disease, defamatory, prejudice vile, said rough and mungkar. ✔ and draw near her match for people who read this. aamiin Yes rabbal'alamin enjoy post by @merystem

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