My son's hobby

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Hello, dear friend, hopefully healthy always.

All of us have tastes and desires. how beautiful it is when accompanied by a hobby that is the mascot of happiness we have.

Talking about hobbies, brings us to something that is the side that makes us like and happy to be in the hobby we are channeling.

Hobbies don't know age, all of us have that happy feeling. Both children, adults and even the elderly have their own hobbies. There are those who like to exercise, or watch sports. There is also a hobby of fishing, to have to linger in front of the hook for one hope when the hook is pulled by fish. He said at that time, the most fantastic time for fish anglers.

For children the choice of the most important hobbies is playing and toys. Playing with toys is a very happy thing. Like my son, he is very fond of composing and assembling legos. I bought Lego several times, from small to larger. He always arranged the Lego and assembled all the imaginations he had in mind. Imagination is certainly from what he saw around him, like making lego shaped robot transformers.

Lego like the picture above, he said in the form of a robot transformer.

This large amount of lego is installed in the form of an airplane, with wings that are quite long.

There are still many creations made, I'm happy with what was done. Hopefully he can be creative with other things, so that his brain intelligence increases.

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