Put Yourself into Avengers 'Infinity War' Trailer

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Hello steemians, I'm coming back again to this great platform.
Today, i want to share about my video editing like the title i tell you. Yap, "Put yourself into Avengers trailer".
Because i really like Marvel, i choose the trailer of Avengers - Infinity War that released for few weeks ago.
This is my first video where i put myself into the trailer and really make me emotional when i make it .
And for information, here I am as 'The Civilian', the fictitious character that i created by myself. Hehe

Little story about The Civilian :
"The Civilian" - is a fictional character that i imagine itself.
The story, The civilian is an indigenous citizen who greatly idolize the Avengers. Obsessed to be able to join the great Squad. However, The civilian repeatedly failed to follow the SNMM Exam (National Selection Sign Marvel) held by S.H.I.E.L.D every year. Not because of stupid, but he's always absent when the exam goes (too restful sleep) 😂😄.
Long story short, although The Civilian failed to follow the selection, but at the time of the War against Thanos took place, he did not remain silent to see the Earth and humanity destroyed. Because of the ingrained Heroic soul of his body, The civilian also joined the Avengers in the great war.
The power of The Civilian is still classified 😗


Okay steemians, here i will give you the link that you could see how The Civilian (me) join the Avengers.
Check this out and feel the war, avengers 👊

How guys? You see The Civilian, right? Hahaha
If you are a Avengers big fans, don't worry, because this superhero will never include in the movie. This all just for fun, and to satisfy myself to be one of Avengers 😁😁

Okay, steemians. This all just for today, and i will back later for another creativity that i create by myself.
Upvote, resteem, comment and follow me @habibiehamzah if you like this article.
Big respect and thankyou so much for your coming, guys 😊

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