Let's Help Each Other in Steemit

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Hello best friend Steemians !!


Good evening all friends, how is your fasting today, I hope all of you are still in good health always and be patient in this holy month, as well as in other months.

Friends of all, for every human being he has his own principles and way of life, when he chooses something that is right for him and right, of course he has his own reasons why he chooses and participates in a problem or a group.

Friend Steemians, for us Steemit Platfrom users, which is a useful social media, of course, we as Steemians must have a community in the sense of group words, the reason why.

Because we realize that we cannot start something if no one teaches it, like when our time is born in this world, we cannot run around immediately, everything must start from zero.

Especially this for beginners at Steemit, because they must have a community that can help them in teaching and using the Steemit Platform correctly.

When we already have a Community and we think the Community that we have right now is right, don't you ever feel that the Community you have, better than other Communities, is really unfortunate if we think like this, because from here companies and differences of opinion arise, and we forget that what we are fighting against is also our own family.

Friends of all, from now on let us cleanse ourselves of bad qualities, which Allah SWT does not like.

While this is a very appropriate month and time, let us be brothers and love each other our fellow brothers, of course, for fellow Muslims. Because there is no use we save each other feelings of revenge and envy and other qualities that are not liked by Allah SWT.

All I have to say is that it may be of benefit to myself, especially to all my friends.


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