7 Undervalued Hunts Curated By @calprut 04 September 2018

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For curation activities, I was filled with some excellent products that were quite interesting yesterday. There are at least 7 hunts that I provide support, along with the reviews.

1. AirPod

Official Link

AirPod, a future car without fuel oil. Yes, this uses Air Pressure for its motion. Quite unique isn't it?

I like this kind of innovation because it is definitely very economical, and the energy used is renewable.

2. EOS Desktop

Official Link

This is Pre-Release from EOS Dektop. Well, do you know that the EOS blockchain network is the most active now?

Now, to support its clients, EOS Desktop is released for maximum convenience, convenience and security.

3. Mosquitron

Official Link

Instead of using harmful chemicals to kill mosquitoes, Mosquitron utilizes UV Light to capture and eradicate them.

This tool is very safe to use at your home whenever you want.

4. PackIt

Official Link

Well, this is the best in my opinion. I really like this product because it's simple, but it provides real benefits. I can bring cold food / drinks wherever I want to go. Well, enough with 3 easy steps to do it.

5. VetiWalk

Official Link

Well, this product is quite unique because we will be forced to do a lot if you want to go upstairs.

This product is highly recommended especially for active people, and wants to exercise at home.

6. CARDOK CarLift

Official Link

If you don't have a large parking space, CARDOK can be an alternative for you. This can make 2 vehicle parking lots where one will be placed underground.

7. Parplus

Official Link

The last is the latest parking technology that allows parking of vehicles automatically. This can prevent theft, and of course time efficiency.



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