How should we celebrate the Islamic New Year

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For the world community, the majority of which use the Christian calendar, January is the beginning of the year and the beginning of the new page. Almost all countries seem to hold a new year celebration with various entertainment programs, including Indonesia.


Although more than 80 percent of Indonesia's population adheres to Islam, in fact only a small percentage know exactly when the Islamic new year. In fact, most of them do not memorize the names of the Hijri month. This is because even though the population is predominantly Muslim, Indonesia uses the year of Christ as a daily calendar. This is what makes the Islamic New Year celebrations seem to be lively with the New Year celebration.

In fact, as a Muslim, it is fitting to refer to the Qur'an and the sunnah of the Prophet. Likewise about the celebration of the new year, then how does Islam view this?


Islamic New Year 1 Muharram Hijriyah is an important and historic day for Muslims. Early in the new year Islam marked an important event that took place in the history of Islam, which was to commemorate the event of the migration of the Prophet Muhammad from the city of Mecca to Medina in 622 AD.

This Hijriyah Calendar is actually a Muslim calendar system by making hijrah as the beginning of the calculation of the year in Islam. Celebrating or commemorating the Islamic New Year 1 Muharram is essentially a remembrance of the events of hijrah and deepening the meaning of hijrah and its practice today.

For a Muslim it is very important to know the date and month of Hijri because it is related to the implementation of worship. The services included fasting which was held for one full month in Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr 1 Syawal, Wukuf at Arafat during the 9th Hajj pilgrimage, Eid al-Adha on 10 Zulhijahs, and Tasyrik Days on 11, 12, and 13 Zulhijah, as well as Muharam 1 Hijriah New Year.

Determination of the 1st day of the Hijriah is marked by the rising of the hilal or the appearance of the crescent at sunset with a certain height. This is why on the 1st of Ramadan when the fasting month will begin, there is a difference between one country and another.


How to celebrate the Hijriyah New Year?

In the face of the Hijri new year or Muharram month, some Muslims mistakenly react to it. If the new year of Christ is welcomed so majestically and lively, should the Islamic New Year be welcomed so lively?

One thing to remember is that it is fitting for a Muslim to provide himself with the teachings of the Prophet and his companions. If they do not carry out certain practices in welcoming the Hijriah new year, Muslims should follow this.

Do not the Ahlus Sunnah scholars often express a sentence, "If the practice is good, of course they (the friends) have gone ahead of us to do it." These are the words of the scholars in every practice or deed that was never done by the friends.

Actually there are no specific practices devoted to welcoming the Islamic New Year. Sometimes, the practice that is done by some Muslims in welcoming the new Hijri year is a practice that has no guidance because it is not based on a proposition or if there is a proposition, the argument is weak.

Celebrating the festive Hijriah New Year with fireworks, specializing in jama'i dhikr, specializing prayer beads, specializing in certain recitations in commemoration of the Hijriah New Year, lighting candles, or making parties, obviously is something that has no guidance.

The reason is that welcoming such a Hijri year was never exemplified by the Prophet Muhammad, Abu Bakr, 'Umar,' Uthman, 'Ali, and other friends. Especially for those who enliven the new Hijri year that only wants to compete with the new year of Christ, really it is an act that resembles infidels.

Welcoming the Hijriah New Year not by commemorating or enlivening it. However, what needs to be remembered is the increase in time or year, the more close it is to death.

In its history, the Messenger of Allāh W and his companions and the previous people did not actually require Muslims to celebrate the arrival of the Hijri year. However, whether since when, some Muslims celebrated it by holding several Islamic events, even though sometimes there was something too far out of school.

There are also a number of manners that if necessary to welcome the arrival of the Hijri year are: A sincere intention to expect the pleasure of Allah SWT;


Say thank you to Allah SWT for all the blessings He has bestowed, health and sustenance, and prayed to the Prophet Muhammad, his family, friends and followers. In this new year, we are grateful for all the favors and gifts that God has given in the previous year so that these favors will increase;

Reading prayer, hoping and asking Allah SWT to meridai and accept the deeds that are done as received worship, and remain a follower of the Messenger of Allah who is faithful to the end of life;

Many are willing to spend money with increasing age. Because actually with increasing age, the nature of the opportunity to live in this world is reduced.

Therefore, let us welcome the new year of Hijri 1439 H as a way to always introspect, give thanks, and activities in the world, provision in the hereafter, to become a better person than in previous years.

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