Natural charm of Raung Mountain, Bondowoso.

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Greetings steemian.

Raung Mountain is included in the cluster of Ijen mountains. Several other mountains included in this cluster are Mount Pendil, Mount Suket, Mount Rante, Mount Merapi, Mount Remuk, and Ijen Crater. Raung Mountain has a height of 3332 meters above sea level.

The mountain which includes a mountain with the Stratovolcano type is still active. The panorama of Raung Mountain which always attracts tourists is its kalder which always ejects white smoke. The caldera is elliptical with an area of about 750 x 2,250 meters and has a depth of about 500 meters. Raung Mountain is located in three regions namely Jember Regency, Banyuwangi Regency, and Bondowoso Regency.

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Oh gunung yg indah. 😐😐

Hahahaha, Indonesia keren broe...

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