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Eruption of Mount Sinabung in Tanah Karo, North Sumatra (North Sumatra) is reported to affect the region of Aceh,


namely Southeast Aceh (Agara) and Gayo Lues (Galus) in the form of volcanic ash that began to disrupt community activities. Chairman of the Disaster Risk Reduction Forum (Forum PRB) Aceh, Nasir Nurdin quoted his volunteer sources in the field, said Sinabung volcanic ash began to blanket Agara atmosphere since 13.00 pm Monday (19/2/2018), even in the afternoon continued to expand covering 16 sub-districts in the district.


"The color of the atmosphere is rather gray with small spots that fall onto the roofs of buildings, trees, motorcycles, cars, passers-by and various other things.Slowly the spots turn into a layer of ash. in the windshield, "said Nasir.

Action for mask has been done by the health team, police officers, disaster volunteers, and various other parties in Agara, but because of the many needs in the short run out of stock. "According to the report from the field, the stock of masks in tokotoko has also been exhausted," said Nasir accompanied by members of the Field of Public Awareness Advocacy and Public Awareness Forum PRB Aceh, Riski Wan Okta. Citing a recent report from Head of BPBD Galus Emergency, volcanic ash Sinabung has entered the Galus region.


Parties BPBD have made various anticipatory steps to overcome the impact of eruption Sinabung in the area. "Currently masks become one of the main needs to cope with the impact

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