The world government rejects cryptocurrency

in indonesia •  11 months ago

Almost all of the world's governments reject digital money based on cryptocurrency, but the people never agree on it. People just love this currency, people know cryptocurrency more than the government. If the government is tense with cryptocurrency then we on behalf of the people will act decisively too. Never disturb the sleep of the lion, for what if annoyed then he will be angry. Several months ago, Bank Indonesia condemned to give strict sanction to anyone who sells bitcoin or cryptocurrency, their reason for cryptocurrency is no fundamentals. Bitcoin is dangerous, but it is the blindness of those who are blind to technology. The government should be upgrading or employing young people not the old ones.

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Hampir seluruh pemerintah dunia menolak uang digital yang berbasis cryptocurrency, namun rakyat tidak pernah setuju akan hal itu. Rakyat justru mencintai mata uang ini, rakyat lebih mengenal cryptocurrency dari pada pemerintah. Jika pemerintah bersi tegang terhadap cryptocurrency maka kamiatas nama rakyat akan bertindak tegas pula. Jangan pernah mengusik tidur sang singa, karena apa bila terusik maka dia akan murka. Beberapa pulan yang lalu Bank Indonesia mengecam akan memberikan sanksi tegas bagi siapa saja yang melakukan jual-beli bitcoin atau cryptocurrency, alasan mereka karena cryptocurrency tidak ada fundamental. Bitcoin berbahaya, namun itu adalah pemekiran mereka yang buta akan teknologi. Harusnya pemerintah meng-upgrade atau memperkerjakan orang orang yang muda bukan yang jadul.

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Cryptocurrency is here to stay and they can't stop it

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