Dreaming To Drink, But i Can't

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That afternoon, I was still lazy. It's possible, I was affected by #StayAtHome #WithMe. So, I was in a dilemma. Do I have to pray Zuhur first. Or do I make juice first. After joking with wife. Finally I made the choice to blend the avocado first.

I took three avocados. Halve, take the contents, then enter the blender. Not until there, I add water, honey, and white sugar. Why am I so diligent in juice? The reason is simple. First, I really like juice. If you hang out, before co-19 attacks, there is just time to drink juice. There are two choices, want juice or coffee.

Well, after searching for information to the google search engine. Apparently, avocados and honey have many benefits. Okey, just blender a mixture of honey and avocado. So I waited a few moments. After avocado and honey together and form a liquid. I also decided to take ablution. Then pray Zuhr.

My wife then prepared mats and supplies for drinking avocado juice. For a moment he took a glass, an avocado blender container in each wind. As a result, avocado juice spills on the mat. With a sense of sadness, he approached me who had said greetings.

You know, I understand too. There must be something. With a sad face, he said that the wind had overtaken us. Between me I reconcile the heart. "If my prayers pray first, avocado juice will definitely not spill," he said.

Yes, that may be a rebuke from God. But, even so, try to see how I try to make avocado juice.

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