Take Another Byte at Technology

We live in a world where we rely increasingly on technology, and its uses, as we know, are myriad. This very newsletter, for example, is delivered to you through one of its most popular manifestations – the Internet. We use technology to communicate, to get about, cook our food, measure our health, and even to time our meditations – where would we be without it? Is a world of technology against consciousness, or can it be helpful for us to be more aware?

“The mechanization of all that you are surrounded with has made you aware that you are also nothing but a machine. You have always been that. Buddhas have always been telling you that you exist unconsciously, that you exist like a robot, that you are not yet a man, but illusions persisted. The modern world has taken the last illusion from you, it has revealed the truth to you: that you are nothing but a machine, efficient, inefficient, but a machine.

“It had to be so because only when you live with machines, only then can you become aware of your machine-like existence. You had always lived with trees and animals and people, and it had always given you the false idea that there is freedom. Freedom exists only when you are utterly conscious.”unnamed.jpg

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