Individual sovereignty is the end game.

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What ever the Republicans do, what ever the Democrats do, what ever the Independents do, what ever any political party does, the Sovereignty of each individual independently needs to be maintained.

The pursuant of Socialism to make equality putting everyone into a mixing bowl and scooping us out with a measuring spoon to insure we’re all equal promotes conformity and is the enmity of individual Sovereignty.

The Republic which was founded is not only the nation called The United States of America but is also each member State as well as each individual member. The Sovereignty is not excluded to the US, but is also inclusive to the States and most importantly to the Citizen.

If the Biden’s, the Trumps, the Clintons, the Obama’s, the Pelosi’s, the Soros’, etc. etc. etc., all and every person in the US, Citizen and non-Citizen, each live in a 1,000 sq ft hut, each hut being a cookie cutter of the other, then ok.
But those that want to impose equality on others are not wanting the equality that they are wanting me and you to conform to.

So there will always be those that will grow up on the other side of the tracks, while those that are imposing equality on us are living in the billion dollar estates.

Your individual sovereignty is slowly being chiselled away by those that are sweet talking politics in your ears, trying to romance you politically and you won’t know it till one day you wake up and realize that nothing has changed. Nothing except you have lost your sovereignty of being an individual.

Not Citizenry, but being an individual and to have choices.


I agree. You WILL love this book!
The Law, by Frederic Bastiat.