Master Kickstarter and Indiegogo

in #indiegogo3 years ago

Here is my full lecture on mastering Kickstarter and Indiegogo. I've taught this in universities, libraries and comic conventions over the last several years. Now it's for you to see too! :)


Wow, great blog you have here @jasonbrukaer, and Sithrah looks well impressive too. Now following with keen interest. Maybe we can support each other here on Steemit (I'd be happy to carry a banner or regular shout-out for your crowdfund somewhere in our @wildcosmos posts, or a listing in our @steembluepages). And if you ever feel like a collaborative graphic novel (I'm slowly working towards a series, raising pre-crowdfund awareness first) do give me a shout :) Best of luck with the CF.

Oh, and check out our own pre-crowdfund + vid here if you have a moment (it's my first vid and CF, so be kind):