Life as solo indie game developer 3 - You are not alone

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Solo indie doesn't mean always working alone.

I was sharing experience on a local gamedev meetup (Feb 2018)


You can't tell if your game is good or not because you put a lot of time into it and you lost the objective judgement. You need to let other people play your game.

  • For my games, they were played and tested by at least 30 people before launch.
  • I keep iterate the game based on the feedback.
  • The final product is very different than my first prototype.

Idea and inspiration

You can't make a game without an idea. And it's not easy to get a fun and unique idea.

  • I joined game dev community online and offline, helping others and getting help from others.
  • I talked with people about playing game and making game. Anyone you can talk with because most of people like playing game. Even some don't play game, but they like fun.