Life as solo indie game developer 4 - Keep the passion

in #indie3 years ago (edited)

This is the end of this serial. The finial thing I want to talk is the passion. Not only the passion to play game, but to make game.

Game developer is a long term career, you need time to get experience, to learn and improve your skills. if you don’t have passion, you can’t keep going forward.

Gamedev is very different than playing game.

  • Playing game is happy, fun, enjoyable.

  • Making game is boring, frustrating and high risk. Because you play the game thousands of time, you don't want to play it again even it's a fun game. Bugs will show up from no where and by no reason. You need to put lots of time to debug. And even if you successfully release your game after years of hard work. It's high possibility that the game only make little money since there are thousands of games in this highly competitive market.

Summary: Do what you love, love what you do!

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