Life as solo indie game developer 1 - How I became solo indie

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In my first post I didn't introduce too much about myself. From this post on, I will start to share my story as an solo indie game developer.

How I became an solo indie game developer?

I am not in the game industry until early last year. Before that, I work in an organisation that help to bring investment from HK to China (Finance industry). But I did some app/game development in my free time, just for fun. Since I feel very boring about my previous job and very interested in playing and making games, I quit my job in late 2015 and went to an university to study Game Design and Development for one year.

After I got the master degree, luckily I got a funding from a start-up incubator to develop a location based social game. But it fail because my partner give up this project. And I’m tired of pitching to everyone and try to get investment. So I thought why not just make some casual game alone, it doesn't need much money, only the a computer and my time. So I start to work as solo indie developer from early 2017 year.

The games I made (up to now):

I made 2 games in 2017, both of them are totally made by myself. I'm so happy that both of them are featured on Appstore and Google Play by the editors. It's so hard to get them as games by solo indie.

  • Spider Ball(ios, android)
    Released on Dec 2017;
    Featured on Appstore;
    More than 400K downloads up to now;

  • One Hit Cowboy (ios, android)
    Released on April 2017;
    Featured on Appstore and Google Play;
    More than 300K downloads up to now

  • to be continue...

    I'm not saying that I'm now a successful solo indie game developer, but I did get experience on how to make fun games and earn revenue from them. And in next post, I will share something I learn from making these 2 games. I hope more solo indie or people who are interested in game dev will like this serial of posts. 😁😁


    Thanks for sharing, great

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