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Hello all, hope you are doing good. It has been a while since our last update. We started @indiaunited community to collaborate and support the efforts made by Indian members of steem community. We are now getting stronger day by day and the word is spreading to so many Indians.

The community is gradully seeing a growth but there are few challenges:

  • Not enough delegation to support good Indian contributors. Though we have an active curation program by @indiaunited, the reward value is very less with the amount of SP we have.
  • Without enough rewarding capabilities, we are unable to introduce any new contests or new initiatives inside the community for the members.
  • The registration fees that we collected from the members gave good returns for the members but not for the community.

Considering the above challenges, we would like to take this opportunity to request SP delegations from Whales, dolphins or any good-hearted member of the community.

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Delegate Minimum 50 SP to Indiaunited for a permanent Registration

For the past few months, we have been registering new members to the community. More information is available in this post. This registration program provides some good features and ROI to the members.

As part of the registration program, we would like to introduce a scheme where members of the community can get a permanent registration by delegating a minimum of 50 SP to @indiaunited community account. 50 SP is the minimum mark, you can contribute any value more than 50 SP.


Members with permanent registration will get the following features:

  • Access to #postpromotion channel in our discord server.
  • The members will be added to fanbase in SteemAuto and will receive 1 mandatory upvote per day on their post from the community account. (The voting percentage is currently 100% and it will be reduced if there are VP issues)
  • Apart from one mandatory upvote every day, there will also be additional curation upvotes if your posts are selected for curation.

Below are the members who already have a permanent membership. They have been added to steemauto fanbase already.

Please note the SP Delegation value is the sum of total SP delegated to @indiaunited and @indiaunited-bot account. The list displayed below is not in any specific order.

Steem HandleSP DelegationPermanent Registration
@bobinson50.793 + 29.385Yes

Request all the members to vote @jatinhota, @bobinson and @drakos as a witness. You can do it using the direct links below:


If you would like to be part of the community, please read the Guidelines post and get yourself registered by delegating a minimum of 50 SP.

If you would like to delegate to @IndiaUnited you can do so by clicking on the following links: 5SP10SP15SP20SP 25SP50SP100SP250SP. Be sure to leave at least 50SP undelegated on your account.

This post was authored by @bala41288 on behalf of IndiaUnited community


I can also delegate if interested

Hi @marfonso you are most welcome to delegate. Glad to be part of #indiaunited

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Thanks @marfonso. Please feel free to delegate. If you have any questions please contact us on our discord channel.

We needed this...

Sadly being an Indian, I am seeing that very less people of our country are active in this platform. Also, not all are helpful as of other communities.
Take an example, in my posts, other than the India tag, you can always see @wafrica tag, as from my very first days they aee helping me a lot. Why we cant be like them.
With 1.4 billion population and 74% literate people , we can easily dominate any thing , anywhere, any time... But due to lack of unity, we are losing our grip.
As a plankton I have to admit that I can not delegate currently bcoz I dont have enough sp. But, soon I will help my community by donating delegation from blocktrades.
I hope all of us will stand forward and help our community grow bit by bit, even drops of water can create an ocean.

We can do it.


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Yes agreed @mango-juice. We all know that some communities from other countries are growing rapidly. But in @indiaunited we have some guidelines and ideologies. We support only quality contents and good content creators. We hate plagiarism but unfortunately we have so many plagiarizers in India. The only problem here in India is that people want easy money. They don't really care about the community. I have seen many Indian abusers who trick the system to make fast money. People just post one image with no text or description or anything and expect the post to be upvoted by everyone. If they don't get enough upvotes they use bid bots and boost the shit post. Ignorance can be a reason for it. But things are definitely changing. We do have some solid contributors from India.

I completely agree that we need more unity but the fact is that we don't have enough whales in India who are ready to support the idea of collaborating Indians inside a community. Of course there are some good-hearted people who are helping us out.

I think it will take some time for us to grow as a popular Indian community. It will be nice if Indian dolphins and whales show some light on the community with some powerful delegation. Let's see. But until then the progress is going to be slow but we will continue to grow.

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Indeed my friend.. I wish our dolphins and whales see this message and contribute to the community. Also, I think we have to arrange certain encouragement programs and also guidance classes for newbies... It will also help us getting more visibility and exposure throughout the platform.

together we will grow!

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i have already delegated a 20, so anther 30 is enough?

Yes @sabari18. If you add a new delegation, it will be replaced with your old delegation value. So you have to just add 50 SP directly. You can use the below link.


I have delegated 50.818 SP.

I have delegated 50 SP now!

Thanks @frames. You have been added as a permanent member.

I would like to delegate too

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Great Community

Hello friends.. what's the process to join.. please advise

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Hello Dear
We're starting our project named
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In this project we're trying to start giving daily three time food for Poor people. One time food expense is 60$. We need donation for this project. We're here for requesting you if you can donate anything to us.
Every donation is appreciated.
Thanks 😊 😊 😊

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