Why Killing Blackbuck in India is Crime? Why Salman Khan convicted ?

in #indian4 years ago

 Megastar Salman Khan is now behind the bars and there is no confirmation on his Bail. But one question rises 'Why Killing Black Buck is so much Huge Crime in India ?' 

Wildlife Section Act-51 of 1972

 Hunting the boundaries of a sanctuary or national park the punishment and penalty is the minimum imprisonment is three years which may extend to seven years, with a fine of Rs. 10,000. For a subsequent offence of this nature, the term of imprisonment shall not be less than three years. 

The Tribal group of Bishnoi in Jodhpur worships Black Buck as their god's creature. According to Hindu mythology 'Black buck draws the chariot of Lord Krishna'. Bishnois' care and protects blackbuck from hunting. And Black Buck were also declared as the "State of The Animal in Rajasthan". 

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