Bright faces for a Morning Wedding!!

in india •  last year 


Attending a morning wedding is something new for us North-Indians. What a beautiful experience it was to discover South-India. Blog coming soon on my experiences unfolding some south-Indian tales, keep watching this space. Stay tuned..❤️

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such beautiful selfie 💃🏼😊 have a wonderful day!

Nice to see you back after many days! You both are looking nice. I will wait for your blog.

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Wow! such a wonderful photography and very good traveling. really your photography is awesome. I love your post. Thank you for sharing with us " Best of luck

@aamirijaz thank you, the blog will be live super Soon..😊

Hello dear @weavingwords ..I am new to your blog .. amazing photography..
And you are picture looking so nice ..i like your photography.. Thanks for share..

@viktoriyani thank you, you too my friend..❤️

South Indian people celebrate marriages in really cool way. Especially I have watched in their movies.
And you guys are also looking marvelous.

Wow! What a beautiful photography and very good traveling. Thank you for share this post.

Hi dear friend. I'm new to your blog. Very nice clicked and awesome photography. Really you are looking so beautiful. I like your post. Thank you for sharing with us..