Langar – The Feast of Piety in Punjab

in india •  last year

Langar is an integral part of community service in Punjab. Langar is a community kitchen in Gurudwaras (place of worship for Sikhs) and it is open for all the people irrespective of their religion, caste or creed. Anyone can go there and have a meal served in the langer. One can also do seva or service in the langar by helping in cooking, cutting of vegetables, washing dishes or serving food to the people. Simple meal of roti, daal and kheer is served in the langar but it would surely be one of the tastiest meals you ever had in your life. Everyone is considered equal here and served food with the same devotion irrespective of color, caste or creed. The langar at Golden temple in Amritsar is especially famous as it’s the largest free kitchen in the world and serves upto 100000 people.

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