Hampi Utsav : Celebrating the era gone by

in india •  last year

The Hampi Utsav or the Vijaya Utsav is an amazing festival for History lovers from Karnataka, India. The festival has been celebrated since ancient times during the Vijayanagar reign. The three days festival is a reminder and celebration of the era gone by. Hampi is declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO and Hampi Utsav which is generally held in November aims at attracting tourists to the place. Various activities like dance, puppet shows, dramas, processions and elaborate fireworks are the highlights of the event. The festivities during Hampi Utsav bring back the grandeur of Vijayanagar era to life. The light and sound show during the Hampi Utsav is very famous during which 15 kms long Hampi ruins are lit up with dazzling lights.

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