Missile Man to People's President '

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A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

The poor family boy showed that dreams are the blueprint of reality. He grew up not only for big projects and scientific initiatives, but for the entire nation.

Poultry Owl Pakir Jainulabdeen (APJ) Abdul Kalam was born in Rameshwaram in a fishing and trading family in 1931, the first stories he heard were his family's once prosperous

They had boats carrying passengers between the mainland and Rameshwaram on the southeast side of Pamban Island. A bridge connecting the two sites was built in 1914 and this affected the family's future. As a schoolboy, Kalam had to work on selling newspapers to increase family income and study under dim street lights.

Many birds, including migrants, have made the island their home. Kalam spent so many moments and shining light on them. This fostered the desire to become a pilot. He realized that one of these ambitions was a sufficient measure, and that failure taught him to become better at the position he chose. Love aeronautics in him and

His father, the imam of the local mosque, was friends with the pastor of the local Amplitude Church Padre, and he met Kalam in large numbers because religion was not the name of the skirt, and the conversational beliefs that followed differently, helping people to understand.

Kalam excelled as an education specialist and received a scholarship to the Madras Institute of Technology and Aerospace Engineering. He overcame many challenges and impressed his teachers. Later, when he failed to qualify as a fighter pilot, reduced to just one rank, Kalam did not lose heart

It was this failure, he later said, that made him work harder to find success as an aerospace scientist. He was made an Indian missile man

Years later, when Kalam became President of India in 2002, his simple message of striving for success and reaching out to all people without differences made him a very popular leader and public speaker. This makes him another site of the People's President

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