Indian Wedding Stage #5

in india •  6 months ago 

Indian Wedding Stage #5







Wedding Stage Decoration Steeming

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Indian weddings are so beautiful and colorful - Love them!

Yes, correct. Thanks for comment.

Great colors, nice shots, i only saw indian weddings in movies :)

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That's good that you have seen these type of decoration earlier.

Very beautiful, is this common in India to have such extravagance? Easterners have become complacent about marriage great to see in India it is still the most important day of a person’s life. Lots of vegetarians there too, I love that 🙏

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Yes, you know much about Indians. Here, most of people are vegetarians and few of them are vegan. I am also vegan.

Great to hear you are vegan, but if all Indians were vegan who would take care of the sacred cows?

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It shows that you did not understand correctly Vegan. If every is vegan no sacred cows are there. I can't explain this topic here because it require lots of explanation and understanding. Do you think lion, deer required to take care? No one species required to take care after their initial period of birth. Because we take animal milk products in huge quantity this situation arises.
OK. Enjoy your life. If you can't understand it deeply, leave this matter, when you understand the things clearly. You will be know each and every species requirement by own.
Thanks for commenting.

Sure I understand. I am a wildlife carer, we try to teach people how to respect the country’s wildlife. I think it’s wonderful in India that the cows are allowed to wander as they please around towns, we do not have this here and there are too many meat eaters in my country it is terrible. 🙏

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I can understand.

I really like the wedding scene in India