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Hey all


How are you guys doing??

This work was created out of boredom, from getting tired of spending too much time on phones and laptops, and a desire to weave by hand for the first time.

IMG_0042 (1).jpg

It was my way to de-stress, to create something by hand that I had missed for the past few years. I have been feeling lately that I am not doing what I used to be proud of, like creating things, traveling, connecting with myself, and being content.
Since I was a kid, I have always needed a quiet corner, a place where I could tell my story without saying it out loud and be able to explore my own world of imagination.


And this experience was so much fun and relaxing- weaving one thread at a time without any instruction or inspiration and letting the process take its own course, adding colors as and how I felt every day, adding techniques and materials what I saw around without too much planning. and this kind of let me just be myself.

IMG_0041 (1).jpg

At times, I thought it was boring, I tried convincing myself to add colors such as yellows, oranges, and red. Although my heart was telling me otherwise…..
What I wanted was to feel confident that my choices would somehow work... It didn't have to look right, but I wanted to believe in me.


The whole week gave me the chance to be in the moment alone, to be at peace with myself.

I would love to hear what makes you to be in peace with yourself..

I hope you enjoyed reading my post and I am grateful for every Upvote, Resteem, and Comment. Until next time! 😍

All content and photos are by @itravelarts

Love. Swati ❤️

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