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RE: India Resists: Protests erupt all over the country against Unconstitutional Citizenship Amendment Act!

in #india9 months ago

Oh, what were you doing over last 60 years.....illegal immigrants might have changed the demography....

I was born in 1990. So I was busy focusing on my childhood. So sorry. :P
Illegal Immigrants? So do you think only Muslims come as Illegal immigrants in this country that's why they are not accepted under CAA. Sweet.

On saturday in Jamia campus what islamist slogans

According to you, what are islamitst slogans, guess you prbably have Islamophobia. Please share the videos and I will share the videos of BJP asking people to have weapons and remove the muslims from this country.

You want to play both the cards as and when it suits you.

You have mentioned all the points that suits your argument. So if I am biased and you are too.

At one hand you say it is secular, then why did you remain silent on division of India.

I was not even in existence 60 years ago. Btw, the idea of partition on the basis of Religion was the idea of Jinnah, Sarvarkar, Gowalkar and Godse ( This guy killed Gandhi). Savarkar, Golwalkar and Godse are from RSS and BJP's Godfathers. Savarkar even begged in front of the British and supported them :))

Where were you when 5 laks Kashmiri pandit thrashed & made to live as refugee in their homeland.

I was like 5 years old. Soo.... Also, it was not good. Also, do you mean if that happened with them then what's happening now with Kashmiri's is justified. Awesome!!!!

Oh..I think that was also Modi funded episode as per you!!! Or your aka Rubbish kumar did not tell about that story.

Zee News kamm dekha karo chacha!!! xD

And sounds like you hate secularism because whenever I talk about it, you seem to have some issue with it. Bhai fir toh Pakistan sahi rahega tumhare liye.


You think that illegal immigration is not at all a problem, then I think the whole basis of this debate is baseless, if that is the case. If you were born in 1990 and were in childhood when this issue started back in 1985, then that is not my problem. The truth is that problem was there and the problem still exists now, it has been 35 years, now no more with this, the congie and lefti will not be in comfortable zone and hence this all drama is very well planned.

On the basis of that logic, if you were not existed 60 years ago, then how are u accusing Savarkar. Tons of videos are there and yes I can provide that what kind of slgoneering was being raised in the university campus and I also know that you are aware of that and because that does not suit your propaganda, you are doing away with that.

Do you think anyone those who differ from you are BJP IT cell. You can check my blog page, and the kind of article I post and let's have a fair call on this. I am here in Steem just to earn some additional income.

And I am not your chacha, you go to your chachas, they are now available from last few days in the streets vandalising the public property.

I am a hardware technician work 12 hrs a day and everyday I return to my home at around 10 PM. I don't have time to watch any news channel. But I do have my own way to have the correct information. I have three sisters also, a lot of responsibility in my family.

In the name of protest, I have never joined any violent protest, never damaged the public property. If secularism is opposit of commusim then it does not equate to appeasement either, secularism means everyone is treated equal. But when a law will be brought upon like UCC which is equal for all, I know you will again oppose it, as you will see it through your "left" window.

Tum kaun hote ho kaun sa jagah sahi rahega mere liye kaun sa nahi, ghuspethiyon ke liye itna dard ki violent protest karte ho, aur hume yahan human rights, secularism ka gyan baant te ho. Waise bhi hum tumhare jhaanse main aane wale nahi hai.

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