My band's song in a Bollywood film! - Laila Majnu

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Hello Steemit Family!

Super excited to share this news with you.
My band Alif's Kashmiri song Katyu Chuko is part of the upcoming Bollywood film Laila Majnu to be released on 7th September 2018!

Laila Majnu is an upcoming Indian romance film starring Avinash Tiwari and Tripti Dimri. It is presented by Imtiaz Ali and co-produced by Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor and Preety Ali. The film is directed by Sajid Ali.

Check out the song here:

Here is the story of how it happened:
In 2016, we did a show in Mumbai in Edward Theatre and uploaded a few songs from the live performance.
One of the songs from the live performance was.. You guessed it.. Katyu Chuko.

Since this movie version of Laila Majnu is based in Kashmir, they were looking for Kashmiri songs, and if you are looking for Kashmiri music, you are bound to come across Alif 😎

They saw they video and got in touch with us. And rest is history (in the making 😄).

Here is the live performance video:

This is just the beginning! Many such opportunities knocked on our door since then. And many more releases are upcoming.

Consistency and persistence is the key. Keep doing your work and keep putting it out there.
You never know who is watching :)

Check out Alif on Musicoin

Check out Alif on Choon

Until next time...

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Woo that's awesome brother!

How exciting! Congratulations..the song is beautiful.

wow, great to hear! good luck and wish you much success bro...

congratulations dear. shared on twitter

The music of India, is very beautiful, I like quite the movies of Shahrukh Khan, that actor does have a style to sing and dance.

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