Why it happened?- Think about it 🤔

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Thalamalai, Dhimbam ghats

In ancient times, all the places in the Tamilnadu is like the above image I mean full of greeneries and agriculture lands. But what happened now. My Current living place has full of building people's call this place as a developing areas, where the places like in above image is called backward villages. Did you really feel those village as backward villages?.
Yesterday, Saturday my friends called me to go for some photoshoot at natural places so we moved to such these places. Can you feel the environment 😍. People's in the town changing the mind of the villagers as when their lands get filled with the building will increase the worth of the land. When I was 9 years old my current location is as same like the above photo but currently the suituation is,
Resulted in lack of rainfall, depletion of rare species like sparrows. And in this society there is a belief that "If a youngster chose their occupation as an agriculture then, he would be surely an untalented person to live in current generation" if they continue their thoughts then next generation is going to have money as their foods. My father is a famer but I wished a small part to be a agriculturist but our parents strongly avoid me on those agricultural activities. We need a change.
Change is the only thing
which doesn't change

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Great and amazing post @erode. I loved your post. 😍🤗💙
Our India is rocking. 🇨🇮
I completely agree with you my friend.

Following you!!

Thanks for sharing this post.

This is really sad to hear...people really need to change their mindset...I am so happy that you have realise this and are clear with your thoughts...
I wish you all the luck to change the mindset of people in your place...
Have a great day :)

Thanks buddy 😊.

Your welcome...do visit my blog when you get free time....
I think you will like it...
Have a great day :)

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Those are not backward village .
It's beautiful 😍

It is very bad to see buildings all around. This is destruction in the name of development.